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Fluffy’s Pet Peeves
May 15, 2023

Kitties may be small, but they are extremely charismatic. Our feline pals definitely all have their own personalities…as well as their own likes and dislikes. However, just like people, these little furballs also have some very definitive pet peeves. A local Bellaire, TX vet lists some of the things that may rub your little buddy the wrong way in this article.

Forced Attention

One of the biggest faux paws when it comes to interacting with Fluffy is trying to force attention on her. It doesn’t matter how cute she looks: if she isn’t in the mood to be petted, just leave her alone.

Not Enough Attention

On the other end of the spectrum, cats tend to get annoyed if they aren’t getting enough attention. They also have some pretty adorable ways of asking for pets and cuddles. Fluffy may smack something off a table, rub against your legs, bonk your head, or just yell at you.

The Wrong Kind Of Attention

Next on the list, we have improper attention. If your furry little friend wants to be held right meow, she may not be satisfied with a quick pat on the head. Of course, if she likes to be picked up, but isn’t in the mood today, she won’t be shy about letting you know that, either.

Paying Attention To Another Cat

While not all of our furry friend have green eyes, many of them are prone to jealousy. If you have more than one kitty, be sure to pay equal attention to all your pets.

Loud Noises

It really shouldn’t be a shock to learn that our feline overlords like things pretty relaxed and quiet. Loud noises and commotion may interrupt Her Furry Majesty’s nap time! If you happen to make noise with a kitchen pot when cooking, Fluffy may race out of the room.


We love our canine companions. However, not all of our feline friends agree. Dogs and cats often get along—or at least learn to co-exist—but that doesn’t mean Fluffy isn’t giving her canine roommate the side-eye.

Car Rides

If there’s one thing that cats generally hate—aside from everything else on this list—it’s car rides. (Sorry, Fluffy: coming in to see us is for your own good!)

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