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Vice President of Operations

A lot of people own pets without fully knowing what it means to truly understand their pet. As a lifelong fan of animals, Kim came to this realization a long time ago and decided she wanted to help bridge the gap between people and their pets. As a practice manager at The Corner Vet Bellaire, she’s able to interact with both people and pets on a daily basis, and help humans learn how to treat, care for and understand their beloved animals!

Born in Ohio, Kim’s family relocated to Texas when she was young. Her childhood was filled with memories of being involved with animals, whether it was hanging out on her grandparents farm or taking interest in aquatic science and marine biology in high school. After studying business management and entering the corporate world for a while, her love for animals led her back to the veterinary field where she feels at home!

Kim relishes everything about her job, from the excitement to the unpredictability. She loves meeting with clients and educating them on facets of pet care that they may not have known. She also likes learning more about animals and the many things that can affect them.

Kim has been married for 21 years. She and her husband have 3 sons and 2 pets, a black cat named Nova and a Maltipoo dog named Teddy. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her boys, spoiling both of her pets and she also dabbles in building and showing old school cars!


Practice Manager

Like many of her colleagues, Kassandra was once a little girl who dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. Early in her career, she realized she no longer wanted to become a doctor, but still wanted to work in the industry. She discovered that her passion lies in bridging the gap between humans and animals; how we see them, how we can best help them based on their unique needs, etc. Even though she let go of the prospect of DVM, Kassandra still feels like she is living her dream of helping animals and humans alike.

Kassandra’s journey began in 2016 as a kennel technician, while simultaneously pursuing her associate degree in veterinary technology. After completing her externship, Kassandra joined The Corner Vet team in 2019. She took a brief hiatus during the summer of 2022 to work as a camp guide at the Houston Zoo before resuming her role here as lead technician. Professionally, Kassandra has a special interest in client education, senior pet care, and meeting the kids who accompany their pets to vet visits.

Outside of work, Kassandra lives with her long-term partner and their two dogs: Yuya, a pit-bull/Labrador mix, and a chihuahua named Petunia (a.k.a. Tuna). Yuya is sassy, spoiled, silly, and stubborn, and serves as Kassandra’s loyal running partner. Tuna is a little rascal who keeps Kassandra on her toes and is a source of constant laughter and joy. In addition to animals, Kassandra’s passions include running, yoga, and reading.