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If Pets Had Thumbs Day
March 1, 2023

There’s a pretty cute pet holiday coming up this week. If Pets Had Thumbs Day is March 3rd! As we all know, opposable thumbs are credited with helping human beings evolve from cave men into the modern homo sapien. Those extra digits gave us the ability to handle tools, plant seeds, and perform other crucial tasks. What do you think would happen if Fluffy and Fido suddenly grew thumbs? A Bellaire, TX vet makes a few petucated guesses in this article.

Pantry Raid

The first thing many of our four-legged patients would probably do would be to go through absolutely everything in their humans’ cupboards, fridges, and drawers. Fido would likely be extremely interested in sampling each and every type of food item in the house. Fluffy would probably empty all of your drawers and cabinets … for no particular reason. 

Code Changes

Our feline friends can be very sweet and affectionate, but they also have a knack for mischief. We suspect that cats wouldn’t hesitate to change all their humans’ pins, passwords, and security codes.

Food Delivery

Having meals delivered to your door is one modern luxury many of us would hate to be without. Fido and Fluffy would be more than happy to sample various food delivery options. Your canine pal would probably order steaks and bacon cheeseburgers. Kitties would probably opt for salmon, chicken, or sushi.

Joy Ride

Man’s Best Friend loves going to new places. Fido wouldn’t hesitate to grab your keys and take off on a new adventure to his favorite park or trail. Of course, he’d probably stop to pick up a few of his four-legged buddies on the way.

Appointment Cancels

Coming to see us is definitely in Fluffy and Fido’s best interests, but they don’t exactly see it that way. It’s probably safe to say that our schedules would clear quickly if our patients had the ability to cancel their own appointments. However, pet masseuses and dog walkers may see their itineraries filling up.

Social Media Takeover

To be fair, Fluffy and Fido have already carved out a pretty good chunk of the internet. However, if they were able to post things themselves, they may very well take it over completely. 

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