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6 Reasons To Celebrate National Dog Day
August 15, 2023

National Dog Day is coming up on August 26th. Our beloved canine companions are definitely worth celebrating. Here, a Bellaire, TX vet lists some reasons Fido has earned the honorary title of Man’s Best Friend.


There’s no mistaking Fido’s enthusiasm when he spots something he loves … especially you. Tail wags are almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Fido also keeps us laughing with his adorable antics. If laughter is the best medicine, our canine pals are worth their weight in gold!


Fido has a special way of knowing when his humans are feeling sad or stressed. Many people report that their dogs seem to stick more closely to them than usual when they’re feeling a bit down. Your pup may put a paw on your leg in a show of doggy support, or just stick right beside you.

Unconditional Love

People often come and go in our lives: that’s just the nature of things. Our four-legged friends, however, are unquestionably and unconditionally loyal. Fido will stay with you through all of the ups and downs and curve balls that life throws at you. Your furry pal will never spread rumors about you, or decide to ditch you for someone else. He really just wants to spend time with you.

Role Models

If you stop and think about it, Fido’s a pretty good role model. Dogs are really good about enjoying the little things, living life to the fullest, spending as much time as possible with their loved ones. Our canine buddies also serve as great reminders to stop and smell the roses.

Physical Health

Did you know that having a pup is good for you physically? Reports have shown that people with dogs tend to be slimmer and fitter than those who don’t have furry friends. Fido is also good for our hearts and blood pressure. 


Fido has served us in all sorts of roles. He’s helped us with tracking, hunting, and retrieving game, protected our homes and livestock, performed search and rescue, and assists police and military in a variety of ways. Many pooches are also service or therapy dogs, devoting their lives to helping their humans live safely and independently. That’s pretty awesome! 

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