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6 Signs Of Pain In Cats
September 1, 2023

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. This is a very important topic for cat owners! If you spot something obvious, such as limping or a visible wound, then you’ll know right away that something is wrong. However, sometimes the signs are more subtle. It doesn’t help that kitties instinctively try to hide signs of illness or injury. A Bellaire, TX vet lists some red flags in this article.

Unusual Vocalizations

Kitties all have their own unique personalities. Some are furry little chatterboxes, while others just don’t have much to say. Any changes in the way Fluffy usually vocalizes can be a warning sign. For instance, a normally-quiet cat that is suddenly meowing incessantly, or a sweet kitty that suddenly hisses when touched, may not be feeling well.

Litterbox Problems

Pay attention to what you find in your feline pal’s bathroom. Changes in the amount, color, smell, texture, or consistency of Fluffy’s waste would all warrant a call to the vet, as would straining or avoiding the litterbox.

Reduced Appetite

Our feline overlords are known for being a little—or a lot—finicky. To be fair, Fluffy does have a good reason for this. Cats that hunt for their dinners always and only eat their prey fresh. Kitties will instinctively refuse anything that smells even a little off. However, if your furball doesn’t like what’s in her bowl, she should still be interested in food, and meowing to demand that you provide something more to her liking. A kitty that isn’t interested in eating at all isn’t feeling well.

Withdrawn/Antisocial Behavior

While some cats are more sociable than others, even aloof kitties generally like hanging out with their humans. If your furry friend has withdrawn to a hiding spot and just doesn’t want to emerge—even for meals or playtime—she may be sick.

Poor Coat Appearance

Cats are very clean, and they’re usually pretty good about keeping their coats well-groomed. If your feline buddy doesn’t feel well, she may neglect her fur. Before long, she’ll start looking greasy and unkempt. Bald patches are also a red flag.


We know, it may not always be easy to spot lethargy in a furball that sleeps up to 20 hours a day. However, Fluffy should emerge between naps, bright-eyed, bushy tailed, and frisky. 

If you notice any of these and/or anything else that seems unusual for your cat, contact us right away. As your Bellaire, TX veterinary clinic, we’re always here to help!