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Brushing Fido’s Teeth
May 12, 2022

Dental problems are a very widespread issue among our canine companions. They can also be extremely dangerous! Fido can develop a variety of problems with his choppers, including abscesses, infections, and gum disease. One of the best things you can do for your furry bff to keep his teeth healthy would be to brush them. That may not sound fun, but it may be easier than you think! A local Bellaire, TX vet discusses brushing your dog’s choppers in this article.

Start Young

If you can start your four-legged pal’s training while he’s still young, you definitely have the upper paw. It’s much easier to teach a puppy to think of dental care as a normal part of life than it is to try and get an older pooch on board with the idea!

Be Casual

Start by sneaking Fido’s training into your normal cuddle sessions. Pet your pup, and scratch his ears. Then, gently rub his teeth and gums with your finger. Start slowly, and be very gentle.

Pick The Right Products

Only use products that were specifically made for Man’s Best Friend. Our toothbrushes are angled in a way that is helpful for us, but won’t work well for dogs’ teeth. Plus, our toothpastes often contain things that aren’t safe for Fido.

Offer Rewards

One way to get your canine companion on board? Sweeten the deal by offering a yummy snack and, of course, lots of praise and ear scritches.

Don’t Overdo It

If Fido starts to get uneasy or wiggle away, don’t force him. Just let him go and try another day. You don’t want your pooch to form bad associations with having his teeth brushed!

Check Him Out

When brushing your furry pal’s teeth, look for warning signs that something is wrong. Swelling, abscesses, tartar buildup, and bleeding gums are a few red flags. Bad breath is also an indication that Fido needs his choppers checked.

Make It Routine

This will be easier for both you and your pooch if Fido sees toothbrushing time as part of his daily doggy routine. Try to do this night, at roughly the same time.


You don’t have to do Fido’s entire mouth every night. Just do one segment at a time, and keep rotating. He’ll still benefit!

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