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Helping Fido Beat The Heat
June 15, 2023

Summers in Texas are no joke. The weather can be brutally hot here. This is particularly dangerous for dogs: Fido can’t sweat to cool off, and he’s already got a fur coat on. A Meyerland, TX vet offers some tips on keeping your canine buddy cool and safe in this article.

Water, Water, Water

Making sure your furry bff always has water. You may need to set out extra water stations. If Fido has a yard to patrol, keep water outside as well. Change it frequently, as it could become contaminated. Frogs and toads like to sit in water, which puts your pooch at risk of being poisoned.


Keeping up with your canine friend’s grooming care needs is also important. Dead fur, snarls, dust, and dander interfere with the insulating properties of Fido’s coat. Some pups will be more comfortable with a cute summer haircut. Just check with your vet first, as this isn’t a good option for every pooch.

Comfy Spots

Dogs should always have access to cool rooms or areas. If Fido has a yard to play in, keep him indoors during the hottest parts of the day, and make sure he has shade.

Splashing Fun

There’s really no better way to cool off on a sweltering day than by splashing and playing around in the water. If your furry bff enjoys swimming, then by all means indulge him. Just make sure to do so safely. Choose pet-safe areas, and keep a very close eye on Fido. Dogs that can’t swim well (or at all) can still enjoy splashing around in a shallow kiddie pool, or perhaps playing in a sprinkler or doggy fountain.

Cooling Pads

Consider picking up some cooling vests or pads for Fido. There are a few different kinds. Some you keep in the freezer, while others you soak with water. You can also go the low-budget route; tie a bandana around your canine pal’s neck, or put a frozen towel in his bed.

Ice Cream!

Who doesn’t enjoy a cool snack on a sweltering day? Get Fido some doggy ice cream. You can find it in several supermarkets or pet stores. You can also make homemade versions. Just stick with ingredients you’re sure are safe. Ask your vet for specific advice.

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