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Pet Travel Safety
January 1, 2023

Happy New Year! One of the first pet holidays of the year is tomorrow. Not only is January 2nd Mew Year’s Day—Fluffy’s new year—it’s also National Pet Travel Safety Day. A local Bellaire, TX vet offers a few tips on this below.


Make sure that your pet is current on all recommended vaccines and parasite control. Fido and Fluffy should also be fixed, microchipped, and wearing ID tags. Make sure that your information is correct in the microchip manufacturer’s database. You may also want to get a GPD tag or collar. Bring copies of your furry friend’s records with you! Finally, double check things like rates and pet policies. Stay up to date with ‘Veterinary Wellness & Pet Vaccinations‘ to ensure your pet is always ready for safe travels.

Car Rides

The first rule of taking pets on car rides? Always keep them crated for travel. Even the most well-behaved pet can interfere with a driver, which can be extremely dangerous. Crates also prevent many accidental mishaps, such as Fido stepping on a power window control. The key here is to make sure that your furry friend sees their crate as a comfy den. Toys, bedding, and treats help, but training is key. With dogs, you’ll also need to stop regularly so Fido can stretch their legs. For more tips on making trips to the vet as smooth as possible, check out our article ‘Taking Fluffy To The Vet‘.

Airplane Travel

Traveling by air can be extremely stressful for pets. Planning ahead is really your best bet here. Smaller animals may be able to travel with you in the passenger cabin, though you may want to book an extra seat. If your pet has to travel with the luggage, you’ll need to take extra precautions. Cargo holds do not always have climate control, so avoid traveling in very hot or cold weather. Try to book direct flights if possible. It’s also important to check the airline’s policies and safety records.


Before heading out, you’ll need to pack for your furry pal. You’ll want to include basics, such as bedding, toys, and treats, as well as grooming supplies, a spare leash or collar, towels, and blankets. If Fido or Fluffy takes medication, bring a few days’ extra. If you aren’t sure whether you can get your pet’s usual food at your destination, see if you can order some and have it shipped in advance.

Our Advice on Pet Travel Safety in 2024

Why is it important to crate pets during car rides?

Crating pets during car rides is crucial for their safety and the driver’s. A secured crate prevents pets from roaming freely inside the vehicle, reducing the risk of distraction or interference with driving, which could lead to accidents. Furthermore, in the event of a sudden stop or collision, a crate acts as a protective barrier, minimizing the chance of injury to the pet. For residents of Bellaire, Houston, TX, where roads can be busy, ensuring your pet travels in a crate is a responsible practice for their well-being. Visit our clinic for more travel safety tips for your furry companion.

How can pet owners prepare their pets’ crates for travel?

To prepare pets’ crates for travel, owners should outfit them with comfortable bedding to create a cozy environment. Including familiar toys and treats can also soothe and distract pets during the journey. It’s essential to ensure the crate is well-ventilated and secure, preventing escape or injury. Acclimating pets to their crates before travel through positive associations and gradual introduction helps reduce anxiety. For those in Meyerland, Houston, TX, adapting to the local climate by providing adequate shade or cooling elements in the crate is advisable for added comfort during warmer months.

What considerations should be made for pets traveling by airplane?

For pets traveling by airplane, it’s crucial to plan ahead. Smaller pets may travel in the cabin if the airline permits, but larger ones might have to fly in cargo. Verify the airline’s pet policies, including crate requirements and health documentation. Consider climate control in the cargo area; avoid extreme temperatures by choosing flights in milder weather. Direct flights reduce stress and transit times for the pet. Always check the airline’s pet safety record. For those in Houston, TX, visiting our clinic for a pre-flight check-up and advice specific to your pet’s needs is recommended for a safe journey.

What items should be packed for a pet when traveling?

When traveling with a pet, pack essentials, including their favorite bedding, toys for comfort and entertainment, and treats. Include grooming supplies, an extra leash or collar, towels, and blankets for cleanliness and warmth. If your pet is on medication, bring a surplus to cover the trip’s duration, plus a few extra days. For consistent nutrition, if unsure about the availability of your pet’s usual food at your destination, consider pre-ordering it online. Our vet clinic recommends also carrying a portable water dish and your pet’s medical records for emergencies.

What steps should be taken to prepare for the potential health needs of pets while traveling?

Before traveling with pets, secure a health check-up to confirm fitness for travel and update vaccinations. Obtain a health certificate if required, especially for air travel. Ensure pets are microchipped for identification, with up-to-date contact information in the registry. Pack a pet first-aid kit, extra medication for the journey’s duration, and additional days. Research veterinary clinics near your destination in Texas or along your route. Acclimatize pets to their travel crates and maintain a routine to reduce stress. Visit our clinic for tailored advice and any necessary treatments before your trip.

All of us here at The Corner Vet, your Bellaire, TX animal hospital, wish you a wonderful new year. We look forward to providing your pet with great veterinary care in 2023 and beyond!