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Summer Dental Care For Dogs
July 15, 2023

Did you know that about two-thirds of our canine companions will have gum disease by the time they are aged three? That isn’t the only dental issue that can plague Fido. Man’s Best Friend can also develop issues such as misalignments, infections, and abscesses. He’s also been known to crack or break his teeth playing with hard toys. Taking care of your pup’s choppers is very important! Of course, there are a few seasonal twists you can add to Fido’s doggy dental care regimen. A local Meyerland, TX vet offers some summer dental care tips in this article.

Water, Water, Water

First and foremost, make sure that your canine buddy is staying properly hydrated. In summer, you may need to set out extra water stations. If you have outdoor bowls, take care to stay on top of cleaning and refilling them. They can easily be contaminated by bugs and other critters. (Toads, for instance, like to soak in them. Unfortunately, they can poison the water.)

Oral Rinses

As the name suggests, these are products that you would add to your pup’s water. They help fight plaque and tartar, kill germs, and basically promote good oral health. Check the product for something you would be able to refrigerate, and get into the habit of offering your furry best friend his rinse with cool, clean water.

Dental Flakes

More and more people are making quick and simple treats for their canine pals. There are plenty of recipes out there. For instance, you can put bits of shredded meat, kibble, or crushed treats in ice cube trays, pour water or sodium-free broth over it, and freeze. Incorporate dental flakes into this easy recipe. Instant happy pooch!


Another popular homemade goodie is the pupsicle. All you do is take a chew stick, put it in a Dixie cup, and pour water and/or sodium-free broth around it. Once it starts freezing, you can move the treat into the center. When it’s frozen, just pop it out of the cup and hand it over to your furry pal. Give this snack a dental-friendly upgrade by using dental chews. You can even add some doggy toothpaste on the treat. Choose a flavored product for extra tail wags. While making homemade treats like chewsicles for your dog’s dental health, don’t forget regular brushing is crucial. Learn more about the importance and techniques of brushing Fido’s teeth in our detailed guide.

Our Advice on Summer Dental Care For Dogs in 2024

Why is dental care necessary for dogs, especially in the summer?

Dental care is crucial for dogs year-round, but summer presents unique challenges that can impact oral health. Higher temperatures and increased outdoor activity can lead to dehydration, affecting saliva production, which naturally helps cleanse the teeth and gums of food particles and bacteria. Additionally, dogs are more likely to chew on complex objects during outdoor play, increasing the risk of dental injuries. Implementing a summer-specific dental care routine, including proper hydration and safe, dental-friendly toys and treats, helps prevent gum disease, infections, and tooth damage, ensuring your dog maintains optimal oral health during the warmer months. For more tailored dental care advice and professional services, visit our ‘Veterinary Wellness & Pet Vaccinations‘ page to see how we can help keep your dog’s teeth healthy all year round.

What role do oral rinses play in a dog’s summer dental care regimen?

Oral rinses are pivotal in a dog’s summer dental care regimen by enhancing hydration to promote oral health. These products are designed to fight plaque and tartar buildup, kill harmful bacteria, and freshen your breath when added to a dog’s drinking water. During the summer, when dogs are more prone to dehydration and increased oral bacteria growth due to warmth, incorporating oral rinses can provide an easy, effective way to support dental hygiene, ensuring the dog’s mouth stays healthy and clean.

What is a “chewsicle,” and how can it benefit a dog’s dental health?

A “chewsicle” is a homemade frozen dog treat, typically made by freezing a dental chew stick within water or sodium-free broth in a cup or mold. This inventive treat benefits a dog’s dental health by encouraging chewing, which naturally helps to clean teeth, massage gums, and reduce plaque and tartar buildup. Chewing on the frozen texture can also soothe gums, especially for dogs with inflamed gums or teething puppies. Incorporating dental chews into this cool treat makes it an enjoyable way to support oral hygiene during warmer months.

How can homemade treats be modified to support dental health in dogs?

Homemade treats can be modified to support dental health in dogs by incorporating ingredients that promote oral hygiene. Adding dental flakes or a small doggy toothpaste to recipes can help reduce plaque and tartar buildup. Using chewy or crunchy textures can also stimulate chewing, naturally cleaning teeth. Opting for healthy, natural ingredients like shredded carrots or apples can provide additional fiber that helps scrub teeth. By creatively adjusting homemade treat recipes, owners can turn snack time into an opportunity to enhance their dog’s dental health.

Why is choosing dental chews and doggy toothpaste necessary for summer treats?

Choosing dental chews and doggy toothpaste for summer treats is essential because these products are specifically designed to promote oral health in dogs. Dental chews help reduce plaque and tartar buildup through mechanical action as the dog chews. At the same time, doggy toothpaste often contains enzymes that help break down plaque and bacteria, preventing periodontal disease. Incorporating these into summer treats provides a refreshing way to beat the heat and ensures that dogs maintain good oral hygiene, which is crucial for overall health. This approach turns treatment time into an effective dental care routine.

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